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Are you prepared?

Things to consider before speaking with a caterer:

Type of Occasion:  
Business reception, meeting, wedding, reunion, etc…
Date and time:  
What is the total length of the event?  Will there be a cocktail hour, presentation, or speech before the food is served?  What time will dinner be served?  Will dessert, cake, coffee or champagne be served after dinner or with the buffet? 
Total number of guests:
Be sure to include everyone that will be eating (speaker, host and hostess, bride and groom, photographer, minister, band, etc…)
Who is in charge? 
Will final decisions be up to one person or committee?  Who is the contact person during the event?   Is there a host, hostess or an event coordinator that will be responsible for communicating any changes or special needs that may occur during the course of the event?
Style of your event: 
Is the event formal or casual?  Is there a theme or color scheme?
There are several things to consider when choosing the venue: Location, parking, size and functions of rooms available, kitchen facilities (which appliances are available for public use and which are not), tables, chairs, linens, banquet set up.  What hours will the venue be available for set-up and clean-up?  Where will you have the caterer and staff unload and park?
Style of food:  
Sit down or cocktail style?  Passed Hors d'oeurves, buffet, or plated dinner?
What type of experience do you want your guests to have?
Is there a dish that represents the theme or occasion?
Would you prefer home-style, bistro, or exotic cuisine? 
Are there any dietary restrictions that you or any of your guests might have? 
Is there a favorite dish, dessert, or international food you would like to serve?
Will anyone other than the caterer be supplying food or dessert?

Decide what you are willing to spend per person OR what percentage of your total event budget you would like to commit to the meal, to the drinks, to the desserts. 
Remember that often this portion of the  budget will need to cover utensils, glassware, china, linens, buffet tables, decorations, coolers, mixers and ice and all serving items not provided by the venue or catering company.  Will you use disposable, borrowed or rented items?  Who will be in charge of pick-up, delivery and return of said items? 
Most caterers charge delivery, set-up and cleaning fees, in addition to the hourly wages of the serving staff during the event.  There is a separate hourly or flat rate for each server, bartender, bar back, meat or cake carving, event coordinator, and cook.  How many people are needed will be based on the number of guests, style and size of venue and the type of event.  


Things your caterer will ask you:

Type of Occasion:  social or business, cocktail, reception, or dinner?
Date and time:  week day or weekend, afternoon or evening?
Total number of guests: minimum to maximum # possible
Location: how large a space do you need for you event?
Style of your event:  casual, business, or formal?
Style of food:  Is there a particular type of cuisine your guests prefer?
Budget:   Decide what you are willing to spend per person on the meal, the drinks, and the desserts.
Most wedding receptions cost approximately 50% of the total wedding budget and include food, labor, services, tax and gratuity, linens, rentals and site fee.



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