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Planning a Dinner Party or a Cocktail Party?


Great parties spawn great conversations.  Adding great food to the mix brings fond memories  to the forefront of our minds. The smell of foods from days long ago entices us to tell stories of our life --- from  conversations over the roasted turkey at Thanksgiving dinner, to the chocolate cake that the dog ate off the table before the birthday party started.  Food has always surrounded our lives with comfort and familiarity.  Whether we trade recipes, or talk about what we had for dinner at the local restaurant, not a day goes by that food doesn't enter our conversations.  Food can be a wonderful ice breaker at a party.   Even total strangers will say “You have to try this!” or “What is that you are eating? It looks wond-erful!”

Most of our parties are remembered in part for the wonderful foods that were served. Even as we walk out the door, we are discussing the culinary delights presented to us. “Did you try the crab dip, it was wonderful!” or “All those different types of Bruschetta, I tried every one of them, the olive one was my favorite.” The food can make the evening memorable, even in days to come, as your guests describe the event and menu to co-workers, family, and friends.

So let the Scrumptious Company start the conversation at your next event, and let’s keep them talking about it for weeks to come.


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Please see our Menu Ideas to help you find the flavors that most satisfy you.


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